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Signs You Need Truck Radiator Service and Repair in Canberra

If you see signs that the cooling system is starting to fail, Natrad Phillip can provide truck radiator service in Canberra to get you back on the road in no time. We have been servicing cooling systems for over 40 years so you can be confident in our experience.

Warning Signs of a Failing Cooling System

If you notice puddles of fluid on the ground under your vehicle, you may have a coolant leak. We can detect leaks and do a radiator repair to fix the issue. The radiator may be leaking even if you don’t see evidence on the ground. If your coolant light comes on shortly after topping up the reservoir, there could be an invisible leak.

Coolant is what removes heat from the engine and takes it to the radiator so that it can be released to the environment. If your vehicle is low on coolant, it can’t remove the heat from the engine, and it can cause other parts to fail.

It comes in a rainbow of colours such as yellow, green or red but it can change to a rusty colour or look like used oil if your radiator is starting to fail. The coolant can have a sludgy consistency which prevents it from circulating through the system properly. Sludge can form when the barrier between the transmission’s cooling system and radiator breaks and allows transmission fluid to mix with the coolant.

The most apparent sign of cooling system failure is overheating which can be due to a variety of reasons. Overheating shouldn’t be ignored because a hot engine can cause more extensive and expensive repairs.

Prevent Further Damage with a Truck Radiator Repair in Canberra

If you suspect you need truck radiator service, you should get it to our shop as soon as possible before it creates more engine damage. The seals and gaskets are designed to withstand a certain level of heat, but excessive temperatures will cause them to melt, crack, or dry out causing leaks and oil contamination into other areas such as the spark plugs.

Overheating causes the metals to expand which can crack the head gasket and water will flood the cylinders which can cause even more problems. The cylinder head can warp, especially on newer models made of aluminium. If the coolant becomes so hot that it boils, it can cause the radiator or hoses to explode. Pistons can also expand and cause irreparable damage.

We can keep your vehicle’s cooling system running efficiently with truck radiator service. If an issue is detected early, we can remedy it before you are stranded or paying for expensive repairs. During a truck radiator repair, we will replace damaged parts with those that meet or exceed the specifications of your vehicle.

If you need truck radiator service or repair in Canberra, contact Natrad Phillip, and our skilled technicians can assess your system and advise you. We supply parts and provide service for all large mining, earthmoving and industrial trucks.

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