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With specialised equipment and experienced fabricators, Phillip Radiator Service offers

a custom made Air Conditioning components service.


Specialising in remanufacturing hose assemblies for older cars or where the cost of new replacement parts is prohibitive.

For cars with miss matched parts, we custom make hose assemblies, eg; cars that have had engine conversions.


Our team specialises in air conditioning hard lines from stainless steel and aluminium, for vehicles that put a high demand on components or a show quality polished look.


Whether it be a standard replacement components or show quality, Phillip Radiator Service can fabricate air conditioning components to your exact needs. 


Remanufactured Hose Assemblies.

  • All remanufactured hose assemblies are made from Goodyear reduced bead hose, offering a smaller outer diameter and improved flexibility over standard bead hose.

  • Same day service on hose remanufacturing.

  • Remove components such as cracked mufflers from hose assemblies.


Air Conditioning Pipe Repairs.

  • We have equipment in-house to make and repair any Air-conditioning pipe assemblies. If you have an older car and parts are no longer available, we can make them in store for you.


Aluminium Brazing and TIG Welding.

  • Repair broke and cracked pad fittings and aluminium pipes.


Nitrogen Testing.

  • All remanufactured and custom made components are nitrogen tested far beyond the operating pressure they will see in service life.


R134a Fittings.

  • Through a network of suppliers, we can source the correct parts for you.

  • Pad Fittings. Service port fittings.

  • Stainless steel and aluminium Hardline.

  • O-rings & Stator seals.

  • Hose ends.


Vintage Air Components.

  • Vintage Air complete air conditioning kits for older vehicles.

  • Stainless steel polished fittings and braided Nylon hose.

  • Show quality parts like polished billet receiver driers.


Custom Made AC Hard lines.

  • Custom made hardline will add that finishing touch to you show quality vehicle, For a neat, clean polished look.

  • For vehicles and equipment that place a  high demand on components through movement and vibration, like excavators, mining equipment and off-road racecars.



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