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Phillip Radiator Service offers a wide range of quality Air Conditioning components ranging from Blower Motors through to Thermal Expansion (TX) valves. We work with the countries leading suppliers of Air Conditioning parts to deliver quality products that allow our customers to access latest technologies and innovations. Our customers can enjoy the benefits of high durability and long service life associated with these quality components.


We stand behind every product we sell, with backup service and specialist technical advice. 


Our range includes compressors, condensers, fans, receiver driers, TX valves, control valves,  fittings & switches, heater cores & parts from industry leaders such as:

OEX, Behr-Hella, Denso, Sanden, Delphi, Red Dot, Valeo and Parker





Integrated Thermostat & Housing

  • Quality European Manufactured range


Radiator Fan Blades

  • Large Range to suit Asian Vehicles


Timing / Water Pump Kits

  • Range of Timing / Water Pump kits using OEM Quality components


Water Pumps & Timing Kits

  • From leading manufacturers in Asia, Europe & North America


Spal Thermofans

  • World beating quality and performance, made by Spal Italy


Denso Radiator Caps

  • Japanese made OE qualty raduiator caps


Mckay Hoses

  • Hi quality Australian made hoses and hose kits


Heater Taps

  •        Made with the highest quality standards in the world

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