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When the radiator from your motorbike is leaking or looking tired and no longer available from the manufacturer, we can repair or even recore your old radiator to outperform the original and visually look correct.

We can recore all types of motorbike radiators from quad bikes to road and dirt bikes.

With access to aluminium radiator core manufacturers across the globe, we can provide new cores weather they be staggered/stepped or even curved radiators.

We keep cores in stock in most sizes allowing a very fast turn around on the recore process, usually 2 working days. Our team of skilled fabricators can upgrade your old radiator to a far more efficient core than your original, whilst retaining the stock look of the part. This is great for people who compete in race classes that must retain the standard look of their motorbike.

Our recored motorbike radiators are far superior in quality and efficiency when compared to cheap Chinese motorbike radiators.

Phillip Radiator Service can repair and straighten leaking and damaged motorbike radiators. We service the repair industry from motorcycle service centres through to motorcycle panel shops.

Check out the gallery below showing the recore process of a motorbike radiator, give us a call or email for a quote on a repair or a high quality recore for your motorbike radiator.

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