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Keep Your Vehicle from Overheating with Radiator Cleaner and Repairs in Canberra from Natrad Phillip

Natrad Phillip can help keep your car running efficiently with radiator cleaners in Canberra. Whereas a radiator in your home is meant to heat your house, a car’s radiator is meant to cool it. Your vehicle consists of an internal combustion engine and just as the name implies, little explosions drive the pistons that ultimately move your car. All those small explosions and friction create a lot of heat which must be dissipated, so it doesn’t cause damage to your vehicle. 

How Your Vehicle’s Cooling System Works

The radiator is only one component of the cooling system in your car. It holds the coolant and water mixture which travels through the engine once it reaches a specific temperature. The coolant absorbs the heat and returns it to the radiator. 

The radiator is designed to allow air to flow through it to remove heat from the coolant. The radiator sits in the front of the engine and when you’re driving, air enters the grill and blows through the radiator to help it cool. A fan provides extra air flow and further cooling. 

Inside the tubes of the radiator where the liquid flows are little fins called turbulators. These tiny structures cause turbulence or mixing of the liquid as it flows through the tube. If the walls of the tubes were smooth, only the liquid that touched the tube walls would be cooled. The turbulators cause more of the liquid to contact the walls which allow more heat to be dissipated.

Radiator Repairs in Canberra

If you’re having issues with your car’s cooling system, you may have heard the advice of running the heater on high with the windows down. This tactic may help because the heater is like a radiator that blows the engine’s heat into the car’s compartment to keep you warm. However, you shouldn’t rely on it, and you should get your car to the shop for radiator repairs as soon as possible.

A common cause of a cooling problem is a faulty thermostat. The thermostat detects the temperature and signals the coolant to circulate when it reaches a certain point. Coolant leaks mean there isn’t enough liquid to draw the heat from the engine and release it to the environment. You will probably notice fluid under your car if there is indeed a leak. No matter the cause, we can provide radiator repairs. 

We can keep your cooling system efficient with radiator cleaner and keep the heat exchange process at its optimum level. Our experienced technicians can work on all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. The kind of radiator cleaner method depends on the components, and you can trust our knowledgeable staff to treat your system right. Don’t ignore your regular maintenance or the signs of overheating. Contact Natrad Phillip right away if you suspect cooling issues and we will provide a radiator repair in Canberra to prevent catastrophic engine damage.

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