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Natrad Phillip: Fixing Any Problems with Your Vehicle’s Cooling System in Canberra

Automotive cooling systems should be easy to fix. Simply put, most people take air conditioning in their vehicles for granted—from cars to buses to tractors and beyond. However, the truth is that air conditioning and cooling systems in cars and trucks are more complicated than they seem. A maze of refrigerant-filled hoses connected to a compressor, powered by electrical components in your vehicle, your car’s cooling system has a lot of areas where it can fail. For this reason, not every auto mechanic is qualified to fix an automotive cooling system in Canberra.

Why Natrad Phillip Is a More Reliable Technician for Cooling System Fixes

If your vehicle needs a cooling system, you can count on Natrad Phillip for a reliable and high quality repair. There are a few factors that make us a safe bet for air conditioning repairs. These factors include:

  • Experience: Our business has stood the test of time through 40 years and many evolutions in the automotive industry. We know cars and we know their inner workings, including cooling system designs. This experience makes us ideal candidates to fix refrigerant leaks, replace failed air conditioning compressors, and more.

  • •    Access to parts: As our company name implies, Natrad Phillip is a member of the Natrad group. This membership gives us easy access to a range of the highest quality original and aftermarket parts available. If your vehicle’s cooling system needs a repair that involves replacing one or more parts, we will lean on our connections to get you reliable, warranty backed components.

  • •    Reputation: Ask a few other drivers where to get a cooling system service in Canberra and you will probably hear the Natrad Phillip name at least once. Over the years, we have gained a positive and widespread reputation for cooling system repairs. From diagnosis and fault -finding to repairs and part replacements, we have a long track record of taking non-functioning systems and restoring them to full efficiency and performance.

  • •    Training and qualification: Our technicians at Natrad Phillip are talented individuals who have gone through governmental accreditation, detailed training, and industry licensing. In addition, we require our technicians to complete ongoing training, to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the latest heating and cooling system developments in the automotive industry.

  • •    Comprehensive service: If you trust us with your cooling system in Canberra, we will perform a full inspection and a comprehensive repair. Just because there is a leaking hose doesn’t mean fixing or replacing that component qualifies as a full fix. On the contrary, it might be necessary to replace the car’s air filters, convert the car’s air conditioning gas system to use more environmentally friendly materials, or install an air purifier to eliminate odours and bacteria. At Natrad Phillip, we look at your system from every angle, to ensure you are getting a service that will stand the test of time.

Schedule a Repair for Your Cooling System in Canberra

If you are in need of an automotive cooling system service for your car, bus, tractor, bus or industrial vehicle, give us a call at Natrad Phillip. We will get you scheduled for an inspection appointment.

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